Video content is a key component of any digital marketing strategy.  A short one – two minute unique aerial video will grab the attention of viewers in the first 5-10 seconds with stunning visual images. Aerial video footage gives potential customers an instant understanding of your business and an awareness of your products and services.  UAVs have the unique ability to fly low, close, quickly and quietly at a fraction of the helicopter hire costs; with the added bonus of providing shots from up to 400ft.

The UAV footage is steamed to the pilot’s remote controller in real time which helps you see what the camera is capturing. The pilot can adjust the camera pan, tilt, composition, exposure and drone flight path/height to get the best shots. We will work closely with you to ensure you get the best marketing material from our aerial video/stills.

We can provide you with the ground based and aerial footage plus the editing if required or supply the content to web based video and filming companies.

We film in HD 4K video or 20 megapixel stills using the latest in camera stabilisation technology.  The remote control gimbal systems deliver cine like film shots even in difficult conditions and we are experienced in understand what is needed for the final cut. We will be happy to work with you at the planning stage of your video production to understand what is required and can save time and money by sharing our knowledge and having input into the creative discussions.

All of our pilots are CAA approved and are skilled in flying aerial survey UAVs to get a view/data from areas from the best locations, even those with difficult access.

As a company we are governed by the CAA safety rules and regulations and sometimes what you have in mind from the aerial shots may not be fully possible based on the location or other restricting factors. We will advise you when this applies and work with you to consider alternatives.

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