Until now farmers have spend hours visualising data from the ground level on quad bikes or from tractors giving them fairly limited information about the condition of the crop as a whole but precision agriculture is now affordable using drone (UAV) technology.

With our UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) it is now easy to fly a range of detailed surveys using newly developed sensors and software. These provide highly detailed area maps which give critical data on the health of the crop at all stages of development. They provide overviews of any given land area and provide specific data for use by the landowner or agronomists in a few hours.  

Commercial UAVs can fly highly accurate pre-planned flights over an average of 60-80 acres in around 20 minutes without the need to land.  We carry spare pre-charged batteries on each job.  It only takes a few minutes to change the battery and get back in air. So we are able to fly all day with very little disruption.

The new uses of UAVs and new data analysis software in Agriculture is a highly exciting area and we are pleased to be involved in supporting this.

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