UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), has now made aerial photography for estate agents affordable.  Clients are asking for “aerial photos of my house” and are prepared to pay to gain an advantage when selling their homes. They are a great tool for producing high impact, high quality images particularly where property sales are concerned. Aerial photos and videos capture the scale of the property, land, gardens and surrounding, not possible with ground-based photography.

Our 4k video and 20 megapixel stills photographs captured using our UAVs provide instant appeal and gives potential buyers a stunning elevated “birds eye” view that makes the property stand out from the crowd on any website or advert.

UAV aerial photography is a cost effective way of increasing the buyer engagement and thus the saleability of any property.  Houses and apartments that may look ordinary at ground level can be viewed quite differently using aerial shoots.

Google’s aerial maps and Google Earth’s aerial views via satellite do not provide the latest or most complimentary pictures. Using our UAVs we can be take video and stills from various angles and heights up to 400ft to show current, accurate and best views.

See our Pricing Page for our Residential Property service rates.

With over 20 years’ experience in photography we can also provide quality interior and exterior images to compliment the aerial photography to provide a winning sales combination. This is particularly relevant for high value luxury residential property, where sales videos are now becoming more popular.

We can undertake in-house editing and post-production using the latest professional video and photography editing software.

We can adjust our aerial images and video footage to incorporate your corporate image or design, soundtrack, music and sound effects to deliver film ready for publication. We can advise, install and run videos or images on your website.

For tight deadlines, we can offer a same day turnaround for our property drone aerial photography for estate agents.

So elevate your marketing by showing your property from the best viewpoint – the air.

UAVs provide a quick and cost effective way to produce stunning aerial photos and videos of offices, retail parks, industrial units, factories, farms and land.

We use UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) equipped with the latest cameras to capture 20 megapixel images and Ultra-HD 4K videos from the air.  Our aerial drones can fly up to 400ft taking smooth and detailed footage of your commercial property.  This footage is up to date and more detailed that satellite data collected from Google Earth or Google Maps.

We can undertake our own in-house editors using professional Adobe photo and video editing software and can overlay our aerial images and video footage to incorporate your corporate image or design, to show the commercial property you are marketing in the best light.

Also we often provide unedited images and video to PR & Advertising agencies for inclusion in a coordinated marketing and media campaign.

Our commercial property aerial photography can easily show the complete picture – car parks, land boundaries, road access and will give potential purchasers a clear insight and overview, setting your property marketing ahead of other competing commercial agents.

For planning applications or prior to construction, property developers are using drones for photography and videos to show the proposed view from different floors or a 360 degree aerial video of the site.

As a company we are governed by the CAA safety rules and regulations and sometimes what you have in mind from the aerial shots may not be fully possible based on the location or other restricting factors. We will advise you when this applies and work with you to consider alternatives.


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