With over 20 years involvement in commercial aviation and photography you can be assured that we will support you with a wealth of experience, skills and extensive knowledge of aviation practice and photography.

We fly UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) – otherwise known as drones – fitted with Ultra High Definition 4k cameras which shoot video and 20 megapixel stills.

We can also supply aerial data captured by specialist sensors such as thermal images, multispectral and near infra-red, as well as outputs such as 3D maps with volumetric and GPS linked orthographic maps.   

Whilst based in the East Midlands we can provide services across the UK and abroad.

We are fully certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and carry all the necessary insurance cover.

We will seek and provide all the necessary approvals and conduct all flights within the CAA requirements. Our CAA flight planning and risk assessment will be done prior to our arrival on site, to ensure strict safety procedures and the safety of the public at the flight location. It only takes around 15-20 minutes to set up the UAV on site for flight.

You can monitor the output from the UAV camera on the ground in real time as we fly, so you know we are getting the exact images/data you are looking for.  Our UAVs have a flight time of around 20 minutes per battery and come with a supply of pre-charged batteries.  A battery change takes only a few minutes, so we are able to fly with very little disruption.

We will provide you with access to your images and data via the cloud or memory stick, so you can view/analyse them as required.

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